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What is a SENCO?

A SENCO is a nominated person at our childcare centre who is trained to identify, support and plan for the needs of individual children who may need additional support or who have an identified learning or physical disability.

The SENCO works with staff, children, parents and other agencies to ensure that appropriate strategies and plans are in place to support a child’s learning and development.

The SENCO is responsible for ensuring that the centre works with the Local Authority Early Support team and has regard for the SEN Code of Practice.

What does a SENCO do?

The SENCO has responsibility for:

  • Ensuring liaison with parents and other professionals in respect of children with special educational needs

  • Advising and supporting other practitioners in the setting

  • Ensuring that appropriate Individual Development Plans are in place

  • Ensuring that relevant background information about a child with Special educational needs is collected, recorded and updated

The SENCO at Furzehill is......


Catherine Davis

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