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No Pens Day

Every half term we hold a themed "No Pens Day" The aim of the day is to encourage the skills of speaking and listening, which is a part of the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum and schools curriculum.

For one day, we will put down our pens and focus on activities which promote speaking and listening skills rather than writing skills. Staff and children will be able to join in with planned activities all of which will support the development of communication, language and listening.

Grandparents Sessions

Each half term we hold a themed session where we invite our lovely grandparents in to join us at nursery. Here is a selection of photos from some of our sessions this year.


If your child is unwell or unable to attend nursery for any reason, please let us know by email or give us a call on 864897. Please ensure that you provide us with enough information for the reason for non-attendance. Just that your child is unwell is not enough, please let us know if they have a cough, high temperature, have been vomiting etc. 

school exclusion periods for illness.jpg


Look out for our half-termly newsletter, jam packed with information, ideas and all the fun things we do here at the nursery.

Just click on the link below!

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