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Grandparents Feedback

Here is some incredible feedback from some of our Grandparents who have joined us at our Grandparents sessions.

Thank you


I had a wonderful time with my Grandson making scones. We played inside and out with lots of toys and he enjoyed all the activities. The staff were very attentive, and they interact well with all the children. Really recommend the nursery.

I was always curious about the activities that my Granddaughter had been doing. With all the different areas to play in, there's plenty of stimulation for them. The children all seem happy and socialization is important. I know that they learn and I know she always looks forward to nursery.

Very well organised with lots of different activities. Great outdoor area with lots of choice, especially the construction bricks. Happy children who are confident within the setting. Enjoyed the cooking activity with my Grandson. Pleased that he was enjoying himself. Great staff.

It was wonderful to see my Grandson in a safe, fun and learning environment. He was so pleased to show me around and show me how everything worked and where it was. We made castles, played with goo, went shopping and made interesting music! A lovely time, thank you.

Loads of fun. Most interactive. Enjoyed being part of my Grandsons playgroup and seeing how they all play at school. Staff are friendly and deal with the different personalities intuitively. Highly enjoyable experience. Thanks for the invite and the friendliness.

Thank you for inviting me. I have enjoyed watching my Granddaughter playing with the musical instruments, playing in the play kitchen, playing with the roller and painting the floor with water. She wasn't very good at tidying away though!! Loved listening to her sing 'Twinkle Twinkle' (with the actions) and the 'Zoom' song. She also coloured a superhero mask and joined in the Squash and a Squeeze activity. She listened really well. Thank you so much.

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