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We would like to welcome you and your child to the setting, this may feel like a daunting experience leaving your child for the first time but the procedures we set in place should make it easier for you. It can be an emotional time and for most of us who are parents/carers we will all have been there at some time. Our aim is to give your child, the care and the stimulation they need, giving you the reassurance that you need as a parent/carer that your child will be safe and happy with us.




We recognise that all children are individuals. There is no right or wrong way of settling your child into nursery life, each child will need their own practical needs catered for, so take as much time as you feel you need and don’t feel pressured into leaving your child before you both feel happy. After all you know your child best. The staff will always be willing to offer advice and guidance.

We ask parents to be prepared by coming into the setting before your start date so you have had the chance to get to know the building, the staff and to ask all those questions. Don’t be afraid or feel you are being silly to ask what might seem a really obvious or stupid question. It is often those kinds of questions which will niggle away at you and can answer a big concern for you. As experienced childcare workers and most of us parents ourselves, we understand and appreciate the need to know and have all those questions answered.


Starting at the Centre

All new children and their families are welcome to visit the centre as often as they like prior to their start date. A time will be made when you register your child and discuss your child’s needs and a family worker will be appointed to you. For every child this process is different and for that reason we do not have a set induction programme. From experience it is often necessary to work together day by day sometimes for several weeks to address the ever changing needs of your child. Please do not hesitate to discuss any concerns you have with a member of staff, we would not want anyone feeling unhappy at what can be an emotional time for parent and child. At NO time will there be any pressure from staff on you to leave your child unhappy, we will therefore be guided by you and advise you only when asked, or deemed necessary for the benefit of the child. Our First Six weeks leaflet which will be shared with you by your child’s family worker will help to explain what happens over the first few weeks in more detail.


Settling in your child

To help your child feel less apprehensive about being left for the first time on their own we arrange a ‘settling in process’ with you a week or two before your child’s first proper day. This is generally for anything between 10 minutes and an hour and a half, depending on the child and can happen for as many times as necessary. The experience prepares you for the first occasion you leave your child at the setting, ensuring a less fraught time for you both.

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