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Food experiences

Every week, we have a new food experience in the nursery which the children are invited to join in with. Some times we have a theme for the half-term i.e. pastry, vegetables, non-cook etc and other times it may be that we link our food experiences to celebrations and cultural customs i.e. Christmas, Easter or Chinese new year. Our weekly food experience is available on Tapestry so that parents can enjoy trying out our recipes with their children at home. 

Through our cooking experiences we aim to teach the children how to make different dishes using a variety of techniques including chopping, mixing, kneading and grating. The children are then given the opportunity to try what they have helped to prepare, either for snack or when they take it home. Our chosen recipes will always be a healthy option as we aim to promote the good oral health and physical development of the children. Our food experiences are primarily about the processes involved and not the finished product.

An example of a food experience can be seen below.

Food experience of the week.jpg
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